Sunday, 28 November 2010

Football record broken

The record for the worst defeat in British football has been broken with the 55-0 defeat by Madron by Illogan (or Illogan British Legion reserves to give them their full name). Apparently Madron turned up with just seven players and no recognised keeper: Madron

The game was played in the top division of the Mining League which is a feeder league for the Cornish Combination. I happen to have a personal link with Madron. Also, my co-presenter on the Radio Scilly sports show, Merryn Smith, was at one time keeper for Madron. But, no, he wasn't there on loan. It's alleged that the keeper leaned against the goalpost.

The two team Isles of Scilly league gets castigated for 'low quality' football in an article the Non-League Paper today, but this is something else.

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