Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Posh are open at the back

In an interview with The Football League Paper Peterborough goalkeeper Joe Lewis has admitted that the Posh are defensively vulnerable.

He said: 'We play a very attacking, free-flowing type of football that has given us the best scoring record in the country with 32 goals in only 15 games so far this season. While this style of play has brought us plenty of chances, it also creates gaps that leaves us vulnerable at the back and has resulted in a large number of goals being conceded as well.'

Reflecting on the 0-3 home defeat by Brighton, Lewis commented, 'we know we have a strong squad, which is why the Brighton result was a bit of a shock to the system.' He added, 'All the players understand that we have an exciting and aggressive playing style which means that we have to accept we are sometimes going to concede goals.'

'What we still have to remember is that we are still a relatively new team that hasn't found its full form yet. The high expectations that we have for ourselves can put a lot of pressure on the players, but it's a pressure that everybody thrives off'.

The net minder selected the game against Charlton as a 'stand out game', along with that against Southampton: 'They are games that I am really looking forward to. Playing against the big clubs forces you to raise your game and put in a really good performance. Now would be the perfect time for us to find our top form'.

Let's hope they don't, although their style of play could pose problems for our sometimes slow and flat footed central defence.

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