Monday, 8 November 2010

Sainsbury bid rejected

Charlton have rejected a takeover bid from a group led by Swiss-based fund manager Sebastien Sainsbury: Sainsbury

The club was not satisfied that the necessary funds were in place.

Richard Murray has tweeted that no takeover is imminent and that any bid would have to be right for the club.

It is unclear whether Nectar points would have been offered if the Sainsbury bid had gone ahead.


Anonymous said...

well done the Board we dont want Risdale or any other dodgy consortium defiling our Club

Blackheath Addicted said...

Wyn, worried by your previous post indicating that at least some bids involve borrowing against The Valley to raise funds for investment. Hopefully these are 'bids' being rejected.

Anonymous said...

sainsbury bid is not only wrong it is fraudulent and based on false proof of funds conjoured by mr paul garland (convicted fraudster see leeds bid on google} and mr david lever (bankrupt ex mayor of knutsford and neighbour of garland...}
sainsbury was used as apparent :respectable front: has no money !!!!!
same conspirators tried to buy portsmouth recently

Wyn Grant said...

Blackheath, I think that the main concern here was the Sainsbury bid in which the cash element was £4m and even in that case the cash may not have been reliable as another comment indicates. The board has no need to make a panic sale and will ensure that any purchasers are the right people for Charlton and have the necessary financial backing.

Anonymous said...

garland is also still bankrupt so what is he doing to this club