Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Charlton brush off Swindon

York: Charlton brushed aside Swindon with a 3-0 win at the County Ground yesterday evening. With Benson the provider, Jackson put Charlton ahead in the 13th minute. With half an hour gone, Charlton have two-thirds of the possession. As half time approached, the Addicks were still ahead and were still getting 60 per cent of the possession.

Ayinsah settled the outcome on the 51st minute when he made use of a cross from Fry. On 73 minutes Wagstaff put in a cross which was headed in at the far post by Benson.

Interesting to see Kyel Reid on the bench to replace the suspended Lee Martin. A much quicker come back than I had hoped for.

An emergency meeting of the Parkinson Must Go caucs was convened in the car park after the game. One grim faced moaner joining the group commented, 'What is the point of supporting Charlton if they don't give me something to complain about?

A spokesman said afterwards: 'This result has to be seen in context. Charlton are still only 5th and that is simply not good enough. One of the automatic promotion places has already been booked by Brighton. What happened tonight is all down to the players on the pitch and nothing to do with the inept manager.'


Anonymous said...

Three good results Wyn and things are looking and feeling much better.
But i wouldn't be getting too smug just yet, there's an awful long way to go and as a club we do need to go up this season, automatically preferably.

Anonymous said...

Great team performance at a very Windy County ground against a very poor Swindon side (maybe we made them look poor)
If you want to be picky then Benson wasn't that good and Fry got caught out on two occassions.
And of course I wasn't one of the 449 away fans (because I was on the half way line with a Swindon based relative)
Semedoo and Racon gelled superbly.
Francis and Waggy were on top form and 'smoking' Joe was a double handful. His strength is amazing.
Rose (their left back)swung in several dangerous crosses first thing and these were comfortably dealt with by the two old boys at the back. The wind palyed a big part and we dealt with it far better than the home team.
Shame we ain't playing this week. Bring on the Posh.

Anonymous said...

Mean't to say shame we haven't a league game this week. FA Cup at Barnet.

Anonymous said...

yes yes yes! come on you reds keep it up

Wyn Grant said...

Daggs, I am far from complacent, but it's a long while since we've even had a mini run like this. Automatic promotion is going to be a big ask.

Anonymous said...

I didn't suggest complacency. You were coming over very smug Re. the recent calls for 'Parky out'
The fact is, in the two years he's been in charge, we've deteriorated.
If the the last three games herald the big turnaround, good oh! I for one will welcome it. I just think it's a bit soon to be having a pop at those who spoke out against Parky.
Big ask or not, we need to get automatic. The play-offs are unpredictable. As we found out last year.

Anonymous said...

It certainly came across as rather condescending. That we haven't had as good a run for a very long time (I think the start of last season?) - is down to who exactly? And it should have been made quite clear to the players that the target is automatic. A one in four shot (realistically probably a little lower, because we would be seen as favourites against most opposition, and as we know, that helps the underdog) is likely to mean more changes, more job losses, etc.
I wonder whether this recent change of fortune might owe something to players considering what might happen with a new manager?

AC said...

On paper I don't think we have any right to expect to get an automatic spot. Just look at our current strikers - cast offs from Carlisle and Dagenham. Parky deserves some credit for unearthing them.

Anonymous said...

Agree with AC I must say. Why should we expect to finish above Southampton, for instance. Parky's had very limited funds to build a team with, and a top 6 finish would be a very good achievement on this basis. To blame Parky for our decline is inexcusably moronic.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree. Last year we were one point of automatic promotion, obtained by Leeds and Norwich who are hardly minnows at this level. All done without spending a penny and no recognsied goalscorer.

This season he rebuilt the team having lost arguably his best keeper, his first choice right back, first choice left back out for the season, Sodje left the club. Parky lost his top scorer in Bailey and most promising young player, top scoring striker.

After 15 games we find ourself in 5th place after all that upheavel and very little money to spend. Still people argue Parky's walking on thin ice. His job is remarkably difficult and he's done a very good job. We're not going to win every weekend or thrash teams as our players aren't a cut above other teams in this league but they can at least compete and if we make the play offs it will be an acheivement.

It's easier to say, 'We need automatic promotion this year' than it is to actually acheive that on a limited budget.

Anonymous said...

"It's easier to say, 'We need automatic promotion this year' than it is to actually acheive that on a limited budget."

- Indeed, which is why my main issue is with Murray, not Parkinson. Murray allowed Dowie and Pardew (and Curbishley) to waste millions on mediocre players, like McLeod, Gray, Diawara, the list goes on. BUT he hasn't cut his cloth, so he ends up sacking admin staff while paying Moutokil 100k. But the main point is that, like RM's beloved city bonuses, football PRP is rarely realistic. Take Weaver -reputedly he was on 20k per week, assume that is exaggerated, so it is 12k. That means in a year he earns 600k. With 15k ST's, then that is £40 each - value? First time in twenty years considering not renewing.

Anonymous said...

"Just look at our current strikers - cast offs from Carlisle and Dagenham. Parky deserves some credit for unearthing them."

True. Though he also failed to get the best out of forster, mooney,sodje,Gray, Mcleod, Dickson and Fleetwood.

Sadly if we fail to win promotion then Joe and Scott will go, Dailly will retire, and we'll be b*ggered

Wyn Grant said...

My view is that Parky has done a reasonably good job with the situation he inherited and limited resources. That is not to say that he is a Curbs or Lennie Lawrence. I think there was an over reaction to a defeat by Brighton who are running away with the division. But no doubt the debate will re-ignite the next time we lose.

Anonymous said...

I think you're still a tad ungenerous to PP Wyn.

Just on this:

"Though he also failed to get the best out of forster, mooney,sodje,Gray, Mcleod, Dickson and Fleetwood."

These players are all pony.

Wyn Grant said...

Some people think I am too generous to him and others too harsh. It's almost as polarised as the US electorate! I think that he's certainly better than Dowie and Pardew, although that sets a low base line.