Friday, 23 August 2013

Assessing Danny Green

An interesting and balanced post here assessing Danny Green: Green. I know that he has some staunch fans, but for me his performance against Middlesbrough confirmed my view that he cannot cut it at this level, a view the article also expresses. There are occasional flashes of quality, but they are too few and far between.

There are many who think that Wagstaff was better, at least as an impact sub and that we shouldn't have let him go. We are, of course, short of options in that position. Pritchard is not a winger and although I admire his commitment and energy, there are technical shortcomings at this level.

Earlier this week there was a rumour about Marc Albrighton of Aston Villa coming in on loan. I didn't cite it because I didn't think it was very credible. Admittedly, Albrighton was plagued with injury last season and there might be sense in loaning him out for a month in the Championship for match fitness purposes. But I see that Stoke City are after him anyway.

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