Sunday, 4 August 2013

Club and players for sale?

According to the Currant Bun Charlton are on sale for £40m. If this is the price, given the losses and the level of debt, it seems too high to attract much interest. No wonder Acworth has had trouble with his billionaires.

The report claims that all Charlton players are available for transfer because of the club's financial problems. There have been persistent rumours of financial difficulties, but the real situation is not really known.


Anonymous said...

I've just listened to Matty Holland on talksport regarding the Club being up for sale for £40m
He feels that finding a buyer at that price will be difficult.I'm also very concerned to learn that all the players are up for sale. I'm hoping we as fans will be kept in the picture as it's a very worrying time yet again !!!...If we are £7m in the red at present it doesn't look good.

Anonymous said...

The price tag probably reflects that the current owner is pedalling not just the idea of owning a football club but also valuable real estate in South East London. If there is a property angle, however unpalatable that may be, it may make investment easier to find.

Anonymous said...

Yes your view does make sense...
Lets hope that a buyer can be found who has the fans interests at will be interesting to see fans reaction (if any) at the next home games.
I'd love to know who really owns the club at present.

Anonymous said...

This is a very concerning statement , if true. Clearly ALL Champioship players are For Sale if an offer comes in , particularly from a Premiership Club. This is very different to offering the squad for sale ahead of the closing of the transfer window.
If this is the case , I can see Chris Powell walking , as this would be seen as undermining him.
The 'silence' from the Board is the critical thing and very odd.
I'm expecting a sales this week; Solly, Jackson, Harmer or Wiggins.
£29M in debt and poorer than expected ST sales means cash is running out.

Geoff said...

Perhaps the price quoted was a factor in P Varney's Kuwaiti friends going down river. Does Richard Murray have a posse of White Knights in reserve? All his great work for naught, eh? Oh dear, shades of Marman.

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

The "story" is in the sun for crying out loud.
Short memories.
It's just a rehash of rumour, speculation and worse, cobbled together from forum drivel and guesswork.
Funny thing is berk at the people trotted out much the same dross.
Just acquired 2 players and all the rest are for sale? Simply doesn't add up.
I'm the last to defend spanish tony and his uncommunicative regime but I'm not wasting any heartache on trouble making waffle in despicable tabloids like the currant bun

Anonymous said...

I really hope your optimism does bite you on the bum....the story was not just in 'the currant bun' but covered in many media along with supposed quotes from Mr Slater.
I've not supported Charlton for over 50 years without frequent 'ups' and 'downs'...please come back peter varney, a man with skills, expertise, and judgement !!!

Anonymous said...

oppss...meant to say I hope your optimism doesn't bite you on the bum !!

Kap Varma said...

I've never known a time when the Charlton squad was not available for sale, so that does not worry me, what does is that most now have less than a year on their contracts, so their market value is relatively low compared to if they had a two year deal. £40 mill is daft and hopefully this is wrong or is the point from which buyers can start negotiating down. We need to be aware that however some dislike this board, the next one maybe better but it could be a whole lot worse.

somerton said...

£40 million isnot daft if you are the owners. Given when they took over the club it had debits of £35 million plus and have since put £7 million to cover losses and are doing the same again. Now people know why finding a buyer is next to impossible, given the low profile of the club and area of London we are in.