Saturday, 10 August 2013

Come in No.99

Bradley Wright-Phillips isn't going to be making his fortune at New York Red Bulls. His baseline salary will be $50,000.04 with a 'guaranteed' $92,500.04. Don't ask me what the four cents is for, but given that New York is an expensive place he won't have that much to live on: Wright-Phillips.

According to a tweet, his squad number is going to be 99!


Dave said...

Knowing the US I am guessing he will have the opportunity to increase his salary quite significantly by scoring and making goals. The Yanks are far more comfortable in rewarding success - real performance related pay.

Anonymous said...

The reason why there is an extra 4 cents is simply to enable the payroll department to calculate the same monthly salary each month. That is to make the annual salary exactly divisible by 12. So $50,000.04 is exactly divisible by 12 at $4,166.67, $50,000 is not exactly divisible by 12!

Wyn Grant said...

Thanks for both comments. When I worked in the States I was paid fortnightly and that seemed to be quite common, at least on the west coast.