Saturday, 31 August 2013

Charlton win at home

With Wyn Grant unexpectedly kept in Leamington by family issues, today’s report is brought to you by Helen Hodgson.

The Jimmy Seed stand was three-quarters full of Foxes. After last week’s water polo, the pitch was in good shape, even at the Deep End (formerly the Covered End), although there was a bare patch in front of Hamer’s goal. Both sides adopted a 3-5-2 formation. Neither team was able to mount a real threat in the opening exchanges.

James received a yellow card for the attention he paid to Pritchard on 12 minutes. Stephens put in a precision ball, but Church was unable to take advantage.

The initial twenty minutes of the game was not particularly exciting and was very much a tactical battle. For a minute or so Stephens was running around with one boot on, but did make a pass with his boot in his hand.

The Foxes won the first corner of the afternoon, after Wiggins made a needed intervention, but it was unproductive. Kermorgant was fouled and Arsenal loan player Miquel was booked, although the referee was struggling with his Spanish. The free kick led to a corner after Schmeichel tried to make a drama out of the save, claiming that he was impeded, and Morrison scored from the corner to make it 1-0.

Hamer made a mistake, but the Foxes were unable to take advantage and simply secured a corner. Jackson was booked for a foul.

Dervitte was under pressure, but Wiggins intervened effectively at the cost of a corner. Hamer managed to collect the ball. Charlton won a corner at the other end through Wiggins. Schmeichel flapped from the effort by Stephens, leading to a second corner. Jackson’s corner went to Church and he scooped it over the bar from three yards out.

HT: Addicks 1, Foxes 0

An early free kick went straight into the hands of Schmeichel who then made a pantomime performance of looking to see if anyone was behind him. Pritchard won the ball off Nugent. Kermorgant went down and Charlton won the free kick 30 yards out. Schmeichel had to spread himself to turn away Kermorgant’s effort for a corner.

Wiggins lost the ball, Drinkwater got the ball off Vardy but Hamer saved. James went down, didn’t get the penalty, ran to the referee and gave him a piece of his mind. He was shown a second yellow and he was reluctant to go off, but eventually the midfielder went for his early shower. The Foxes advised the referee that he was not fit for purpose.

A shot by Nugent was saved by Hamer, although he spilled it and Dervitte got it away. The sending off had lifted the Foxes. Leicester made a tactical substitution, but the formation they had adopted was not clear, but possibly it was 3-5-1.

Charlton won a corner well taken by Jackson and Kermorgant scored with a header to rub it in for his former club. Leicester got themselves a goal back through Drinkwater from eight yards out.

Kermorgant supplied Jackson who put the ball just over the bar. Charlton won another corner which was taken by Stephens and led to an Addicks throw in. Schmeichel had to make a good save from Kermorgant and was left holding his face. The Charlton corner led to a shot by Stephens which was saved.

The Foxes brought on Wood, who scored a hat trick at Carlisle during the week, to replace Vardy who had not made a great impression. A Stephens corner was headed away. Leicester made their third substitution to add some pace through Dyer.

Hunt put in a shot on target which fortunately did not have much power behind it. Gower came on for Jackson and Stephens, who had played well, was replaced by Cousins. Wiggins got a yellow card for time wasting.

Charlton got a corner after an effort by Church, the move had been started by good play by Wiggins. Gower’s corner led to an off target header by Cort. Cousins put in a good effort and Schmeichel put it out for a corner. Pritchard was booked for shirt tugging.

Church was just offside after some good possession football by Charlton. Miquel shot from distance but Hamer collected. Knockaert was shown a yellow card after Pritchard ended up on the ground. Piggott replaced Church.

Six minutes were added on. The Addicks won a corner through Piggott. In subsequent play, Piggott put a shot in on target but it lacked power. Cousins stopped an attempted Foxes break. A shot by Hunt went over the crossbar. Wood scuffed a shot and Hamer collected. The Addicks had won their first game of the season, confounding the form book. Cue the first tunnel jump of the season from Chris Powell.

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