Monday, 12 August 2013

Moving away from The Valley?

The latest edition of Voice of the Valley contains a number of revelations about the club, but one of the most interesting is that the idea of moving to a stadium on the Greenwich peninsula is still under active consideration. The Valley would then be used for social housing.

Leaving aside the emotional considerations, and the fact that both the moves we made away from The Valley were disastrous, it is difficult to see the logic of such a move. The present stadium has more than enough capacity for the Championship, indeed was just over half full on Saturday. In the unlikely event that we got promoted to the Premiership, it would be adequate for that level. Indeed, no one has raised an eyebrow about what passes for a 'stadium' at Selhurst Park. If we stayed up in the Premiership, plans to expand it which were drawn up towards the end of our Premiership era could be revived.

It is sometimes suggested that a North Greenwich site would have better transport links by which is meant the Jubilee Line. However, Charlton Station is convenient for the many Addicks who come from the Kent direction. Many others travel in the opposite direction to transfer to trains from Waterloo or use the tube at London Bridge to reach other mainline stations, in my case Euston. It is also possible to change at Blackheath or Lewisham for other connections.

As for the social housing idea, this would involve extensive demolition work as the present structures could not be converted. It can be done, of course, as the example of Roker Park shows. But VOTV also points out that the approach roads might not be able to service a major housing development.

Nevertheless, the possibility of a move is included in what amounts to an offer document that was circulated in the City. Perhaps it was thought that the chance to build their own stadium would entice a wealthy investor. But then much about the club at the present time is shrouded in mystery.

If you weren't at the game on Saturday, or missed Rick Everitt's team of elves, VOTV can be bought online at Voice of the Valley

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Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

greenwich council under it's current leadership isn't interested in social housing - indeed it has agreed to reduce the social element of existing and pending developments on greenwich peninsula clearly in favour of what its friendly developers prefer. past experience suggests LB greenwich is not to be relied upon with projects to the benefit of charlton athletic. Pie & Sky comes to mind with development value of the valley being sufficent to start from scratch on the peninsula and leave a profit for the then club owners
What's worse? All options being considered or blindly carrying on regardless??