Sunday, 25 August 2013

Pardew for Palace

Listening to 606 last night, I was quite amused to hear Palace fans arguing with each other about whether Ian Holloway should get the push. My view of Holloway is that he is the kind of loud mouth lacking judgment who is well suited to the Nigels and Nigellas.

However, it appears that Ian Holloway is under real pressure and that Alan Pardew is the favourite to replace him. Indeed, no less an authority than Richard Cawley of the South London Press has tweeted that there is some substance to a story that has appeared in a number of papers: Pardew

Pardew is under real pressure at Newcastle, where his team were booed off after drawing 0-0 with West Ham yesterday. There would be a nice symmetry in Pardew steering Palace to relegation. If we managed to stay up, and he kept his job, we could welcome him to The Valley next season, although it is an interesting speculation who would be Charlton manager by then. Doubtless some of the rumours circulating at The Valley yesterday were no doubt exaggerated in the telling.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to rain on your parade but the Palace owners have confirmed on the CPFC BBS that this rumour has no substance and that Ian Holloway will remain the manager of CPFC, South London's No 1 football club.

Thanks Charlton for the six points we got off of you last season they ultimately went a long way to us being promoted back to the Premiership.

Stevie said...

Errr, Mr. Anonymous Nigel, don't you think the club WOULD deny any rumours? Do you really think they would come out and say:

'Yup, the rumours are true, glad that's all out in the open so we can bring unrest to the squad and piss off our current manager. That should go a long way to helping secure our premier league status'

You are adding substance to another rumour, that most Palace fans are thick as two short planks...