Thursday, 7 January 2016

Board to issue statement today

The Charlton Athletic board is to respond to recent criticism of the club with a statement later today: Board statement

Whether it will contain anything to address the concerns of fans, er, sorry, customers, remains to be seen.

An interview with Richard Murray is now available on the official site: Murray interview

If Murray is thought to be the acceptable face of the board, this is a miscalculation, as he has lost credibility with a lot of fans.

Essentially Murray's argument is: Championship a difficult league; mustn't gamble with future of club; underestimated time it would take overseas players to adjust to Championship; communication with fans could have been better; football for the family at an affordable price.

One thing that has not been addressed is the future of 'interim' coach Karel Fraeye. My hunch is that the plan was to make him coach for the rest of the season as a cheap solution, but results have not made that possible.

A critique of the statement can be found here: Mockery

CAS Trust ask some pertinent questions here: A goal is not a strategy

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Martin Cowan said...

Wyn, I think the RM interview was the statement!!