Monday 4 January 2016

Makienok not put off by sarcastic cheers

Simon Makienok is not letting himself be put off by sarcastic cheers every time his head makes contact with the ball, although he admits that it doesn't help. He is trying to improve as a player: Makienok


Stuart McRae said...

ahh...I suggest changing all the players contracts to OTE. No pay if we loose like the rest of us mere mortals. Maybe this will get them to do the right thing and do everything to perform. It must be great to be paid for "playing" for a living.

Unknown said...

powell says in the sun today he wants a return

TB said...

Katrien Meire has faced a lot of vitriol from the fans, but I think the clue to her comments is that she is first and foremost a lawyer. As one myself, it seems to me that all her utterances are what any lawyer does when they represent a client. An example might be in acting for a doctor charged with manslaughter “my client very much regrets the death of the patient (club?), but he was acting on what he believed to be the patients best interests.”

As chief executive of course in any organisation the buck stops there. If you don’t like the direction the shareholders are taking the business, you resign. Time to stop the legal speak and get on with managing the business.