Monday, 4 January 2016

Business as usual for Roland

The Evening Standard claims that Roland has no intention of selling the club or changing the way in which he runs the business: Business as usual

This is, of course, no surprise, but the challenge now is to maintain the considerable momentum that the protest campaign has achieved. The media coverage over the weekend has been extensive. A good report from The Wharf here: Fans come together

The organisers showed considerable tactical acumen in holding a protest after the match as many fans do not get to the ground until after 2.30, particularly when public transport is disrupted, as has been the case recently. Rick Everitt stated in his radio interview that the intention is to make the club 'unmanageable' and hence pressure Roland to sell up.

There is a proposal to call a meeting of Valley Gold members: Valley Gold

However, a current member of the Management Committee has stated: 'My overall concern is that in the search for targets for protest people have landed on an organisation independent of the club, and whilst the club benefits from it is essentially an investment in its long term future. If we succeed in getting RD out in the next 12-24 months, then the funds we withheld now will have affected two years of academy players who wouldn't graduate until after he'd gone. I just wish people would think through the consequences rather than let the red mist take over.

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