Saturday, 30 January 2016

CAS Trust predicts massive drop in season ticket sales

CAS Trust is predicting a massive drop in season ticket sales on the basis of their latest survey: Season tickets

Supporter sentiment against the current regime at The Valley has been hardening in the last few months, they report. Of course, every year season ticket holders say they will not renew, but then many do, but this is different.

One thing that does surprise me is how many supporters say they are going to watch non-league football at Welling, Ebbsfleet, Bromley, Maidstone or other locations. I just wonder how much non-league football they have seen.

I watch my own local team when Charlton are not available. Some people say it is 'real' football. I would say it is crap football.


Scoops said...

I think the whole non league thing means to supporters they are not actually turning their coats to CAFC. The unwritten rule being that you can support a non league outfit and it's not a betrayal, what you most certainly can't do is switch allegence to another football league club. It's just not done!

Les Abbey said...

Crap football maybe, Wyn, but I would go to see what is happening at Dulwich if I were back in England.