Sunday, 24 January 2016

Want to buy a flat in the Jimmy Seed?

Charlton are working on plans with a Belgian architect to replace the Jimmy Seed stand with a new facility that would incorporate leasehold flats for sale, reveals Voice of the Valley editor Rick Everitt: Flats plan

When the away end is full it is a big revenue generator, but the flats plan could make Roland millions. With the club playing in League One, there would also be less need for a big away end to accommodate the likes of Fleetwood Town.


ExpatCyp said...

RD.....a man who made his fortune out of microchips now seeks to make Charlton a microchip Club ? Potential flat owners will need to be aware of excessive noise in the neighbourhood due to demonstrations or the Addicks actually scoring a goal ! Also disruption to access to the flats on match days or may be not if attendances continue to dwindle.Greenwich Council could refuse planning permission on the grounds on an unwarranted intensification of an existing high density area. A visit to the Saint Truiden website will give an indication of what's in store under the RD regime. Asset stripping par excellance. You can't rule anything out with this guy. Dartford and Maidstone Utd are reminders of what can happen if ownership is left unchecked and not subject to scrutiny.

Redmidland said...

This is the thin end of a very thick wedge (aka dosh). If he is allowed residential status at one part of The Valley, he then has a residential footprint and I assume can turn the other 3 sides into reduced capacity and flats...we MUST stop this man and stop him now, before The Valley is destroyed completely and forever.

Robin Reliant said...

If my father's ashes were in that little patch of special ground back there (he's still alive) I would be having a very long look at these plans. Has Miere never been up there? Luv Robin