Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Drinking in the last chance saloon

With a serious injury list, Charlton are drinking in the last chance saloon. The club is in serious decline, says the SLP's Richard Cawley: Survival hanging by a thread


Lungrot said...

That's a good article.
I don't understand the point in sacking numerous coaches when it is patently obvious that the squad that we have is not up to Championship standard.
The people being sacked should be those responsible for putting this squad together, and one of those is the CEO. The fact that she still carries on in her post, despite alienating thousands of her customers, suggests that the owner is happy for her to destroy the club

Kevin Barton said...

We already down even if we did win 6 games that would give us 43 points, & don't think that will be enough by a mile, as Bristol City are on 34, Blackburn 34 have 2 games in hand, we got to play MK Dons & lose that & we could be looking at over 10 points from safety by that stage, So we really need the win 8 of the the 14 over 50% can't see it happening, unless Igor, Lookman, & Sanogo can stay fit unlikey