Friday, 12 February 2016

Roland: I'm not going to sell

In an interview with the South London Press Roland Duchatelet has said that he is not going to sell Charlton Athletic. He says that he and the fans need to work together. He is very dismissive of the approach from Peter Varney which he says was phrased in such a way that it could have been a request for a billboard: No sale

Roland said that he understood that most of the fans were extremely unhappy and he felt empathy for them. In his industry there was a culture of learning from mistakes. Having too big a squad caused problems in the dressing room. No contingency planning was taking place for relegation: Learning from mistakes

Roland defended chief executive Katrien Meire as a 'fantastic lady' with a 'big heart for Charlton.' He also defended Richard Murray against criticism: Katrien Meire

Roland said that he wanted to buy more British-based players as part of a recruitment rethink, but any head coach would have to subscribe to his philosophy of developing the academy: Player recruitment

In a set of four short videos on the official site, Roland says that he is 'extremely sad' to be bottom. He says that he is listening to the fans. He admits that appointing Karel Fraeye was a mistake. A reason for appointing Bob Peeters was that he had lived in London (I suppose at least he knew how to use an Oyster card). Roland says that we need a bigger squad, which contradicts what he told the SLP: Video fun

VOTV editor Rick Everitt comments that Roland has spoken, but has nothing to say: Empty words

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colin murphy said...

What a crock of s**t, he contradicts himself several times and unless we can turn it around in the next few games, I’m sorry to say I think were down.

Such a shame given the effort it took to get us out of the old 3div, Chris and the boys must be so sad to see it all thrown away. The current management team should hang their head in shame.