Friday, 26 February 2016

What progress is the CARD campaign making?

The campaign against the Belgians in charge of Charlton is a war of attrition, although not too long a one, writes VOTV editor Rick Everitt. The campaign has stayed away from illegal activities, although he draws a distinction between the law and Charlton's ground regulations.

The great success of the campaign so far has been securing national media attention and this prompted the owner to make his first statements for two years. The televising of the Middlesbrough game on March 13th opens up new possibilities. Read Rick Everitt's comments in full here: The campaign

The campaign has clearly been well organised, energetic and sophisticated. It has attracted sympathetic and wide coverage. However, one is up against a very obdurate individual who is convinced of the soundness of his own judgment. Both the times and the situation are different from the Back to the Valley campaign. I would not be surprised if the same people were in charge a year from now.

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