Friday, 19 February 2016

Roland won't be attending games

Roland Duchatelet does not plan to step up attendance at Charlton games, pointing out that he has been to The Valley more than other clubs in his network. Richard Murray is, in any case, the president, insists the Belgian: Absent owner

If he did come, he might meet customers dissatisfied with their match day experience.

Another member of the backroom team is set to leave with the head of sport science Laurence Bloom set to join Nottingham Forest: Valete


ExpatCyp said...

Well RD we shall have to agree to differ. I am further away from the Valley than you but I have still seen more games than you during your period of ownership to date. A "hands on" approach to the business is advised. The "customers" would appreciate this !
RD's conduct is rather like that of absentee British landlords in Eire and we all know what happened there.

weloveyoucharlton said...

So he has visited Charlton more than the other clubs in his network...are you stupid Roly....that simply means you really have no interest in any of your clubs...!!!!!!!! Disgusted from Worthing Sussex

Lungrot said...

Aston Villa also have an owner that doesn't attend games, does things on the cheap and tries to rely on youth players as much as possible, and look where they are in the table? Funny that isn't it?
It seems so typical of us to get lumbered with this disastrous experiment!