Monday, 15 February 2016

Varney gives it large

Former Charlton chief executive Peter Varney has responded to claims made by Roland Duchatelet in his interview with the South London Press last week: Peter Varney

Not surprisingly, the Ebbsfleet executive vice-chairman is disappointed at a reference to him as a 'billboard salesman'. The investor he wanted to introduce to Roland would have been prepared to meet him in Belgium. He pointedly notes that he arrived at 7.30 am on match days and was fully occupied thereafter. Katrien customarily arrives around 1.30 pm.

One of the most bizarre aspects of this recent development is that Katrien Meire approached VOTV editor Rick Everitt while he was selling the magazine outside The Valley on Saturday. Apparently clutching a Pinnocchio mask, and wearing the accompanying sticker, she apparently suggested to the Rickster that he was frightened to speak to her. It is difficult to envisage the Ramsgate resident being frightened of anyone and I am sure he would have welcomed a fuller exchange of views than occurred.

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Jonathan Acworth said...

ive emailed the national press about it so we might get some further coverage about varney they need to know what a 2 faced board we have at our club well done peter varney true gent and a big thank u to his sister who i met at the blackburn game i just hope the varney family can one day return in some capacity keep on at them peter your the only way forward for this great club of ours.

by the way i started the one peter varney chant at the blackburn protests murray did not like it one bit hes a feckin turncoat murray is and he needs to go as well