Friday, 12 February 2016

Welcome, Marko Motta

It is being reported that well-travelled 29-year old Italian defender Marka Motta has signed for Charlton until the end of the season. The free agent was formerly with Juventus and Watford: Marko Motta . The signing has now been confirmed by the club.

As a full back, he could challenge Morgan Fox for the left back position.


Jonathan Acworth said...

good give solly a kick up the ass

Kentish Man said...

Too little, too late

Jonathan Acworth said...

friend of mine knows the spurs recruitment bloke Mitchell I think his name is he said to me today Mitchell said that spurs have signed lookman for 8m with a 2 year loan back very good bit of business if this is true we get 8m and keep the player happy with deal if this is true and on the table for the summer