Thursday 30 January 2014

Kermorgant could stay

There is currently uncertainty over whether Yann Kermorgant will leave Charlton and join Bournemouth. It has been reported that he is expected for training today.

Chris Powell told the South London Press 'Yann is arguably my best signing with regards to cost and what he's brought to the club. But he's in a situation where he has six months to go and the club have looked at the situation. There's been a discussion in trying to get a deal agreed but now there has been an enquiry.'

'Whether that will go through after talks between Yann, his advisors, Bournemouth and discussions with our club we're yet to see exactly what will happen. I know Yann is very attached to the club and the area. He's settled in really well in London. [He recently bought a house in Greenwich]. I 100 per cent would like him to stay but realise the position that he and the club are in.'


Anonymous said...

I understand that there is a fans forum this evening that Richard Murray is supposed to attend. I think he owes the supporters some answers as to why experienced pros being sold and kids and average players from Roland's Clubs being brought in.He cannot hide behind non executive role,he is Chairman of Baton 2010 the owner of CAFC registered at Companies House and as a Director has full Liabitity for the actions of the Board, as much as the owner. He is fully liable for any indiscretions and actions of the Board, if he cannot answer why certain things are being done then he puts himself at financial risk to creditors as well as Roland as only shareholder, there are still two banks and 6 ex Directors owed money with charges over assets as far as I know .
Reading supporters chat boards Into the Valley and Charlton Life it is clear supporters are very worried, time Richard Murray spoke up if he really cares for Club,if he has no answers or is tied up as to what he can say then he needs to resign as he is putting himself in a very dangerous place.
As someone who doesn't subscribe to anything online out of principal but cares about CAFC feel free to post this anywhere ,time for some answers before we end up back in First Division.

Anonymous said...

So what did he say at fans forum then?