Friday 31 January 2014

Sir Chris denies rift with Roland

Chris Powell denies that new Charlton owner Roland Duchatelet has agreed to sell two of the club's best players without speaking to him first, reports Bloomberg. Charlton have sold Dale Stephens to Brighton and accepted a bid from Bournemouth for Yann Kermorgant, who is expected to leave before tonight's transfer deadline. Powell is unhappy about losing the influential pair but can understand Duchatelet's decision to cash in, with both players having six months left on their contracts.

The manager insists he was consulted on both deals and dismisses reports that his relationship with Duchatelet has reached breaking point. There have been suggestions that Duchatelet, who bought Charlton less than a month ago, is already contemplating a managerial change but Powell hopes to sign a new contract soon. On the decision to sell Kermorgant and Stephens, Powell said: "I am aware of what is going on, absolutely. There is no problem there. Let's make this clear, I have always known we are vulnerable when players have got six months remaining on their deals. Yann and Dale are two very good players. I would prefer them to be here but there are decisions to make and they are being made.

"Football is a business and people do not want to lose money. We have new owners and they have ideas of how to run football clubs and financially what to do. We are all in the loop, every day there are exchanges of texts, emails and phone calls. I speak with Roland on a regular basis about ideas, strategy and what is right for the club."

Powell said: "It would be silly for us not to use the [Duchatelet] network because there are a number of talented players out there. Why not use that to our advantage? We have got a lot of games coming up so bringing in these players means we are going to be able to put some fresh legs in and keep the players up to a good standard. They will have to get used to what the Championship is about. We are under pressure like all the teams down there and we need to start picking up points.

"I've always wanted to improve the squad and the new boys are talented. I want the fans to know that we are trying to improve the squad to get the results that we want for them. Things are tough for the side at the moment and we want them to be behind us all the way."


Anonymous said...

Will be interesting to see how these new guys get on. If they are an improvement then this is really inspired work from Roland. If they prove to be second rate cast offs from our sister clubs and/or if SCP is axed, things could turn very sour very quickly. Lets all hope for the former, rather than the latter. Time will tell.

Boneyboy said...

The U-Tube video of Piotr Parzyszek ( shows him scoring lots of goals from in or near the 6 yard box, either he is a goal poaching genius, or the defending in tthe Dutch 2nd Division is terrible.

Anonymous said...

I always find it concerning when statements refuting a supposed rift have to be published.

This means that either the local press are stirring it to get some form of reaction or there is actually a problem behind the scenes.

I'd be surprised if Sir Chris was to depart suddenly. Even if we had a complete drubbing at Wigan tomorrow, I think it unlikely for CP to get the push or to decide to walk.

I suspect M. Duchatalet will be looking at a long-term solution here,and I would imagine he will want to give CP the opportunity to see what he can do with the squad post-transfer period. If they cut the mustard he will back CP, if they don't he'll look for a replacement.

Additionally, RD may be inclined to wait until someone he wants as manager becomes available. If we see someone who would be an obvious choice and we're not shifting up the league table, I think that's going to be a portent of doom for CP.

I hope this all works out for Sir Chris, not least because he is a total gentleman. He has always said that he wants to see the team's contracts sorted out before he has a conversation about his own. Such loyalty commands the utmost respect, from the fans as well as from RD.

Wyn Grant said...

In reply to the last message, I assume this was a response to the speculative article in the Daily Mail. I would agree with your assessment both of what CP will do in the short term and how RD reads the situation.