Thursday 14 January 2016

One cheer for Riga

Voice of the Valley editor Rick Everitt gives a lukewarm reception to the appointment of Jose Riga as coach: One cheer

Everitt reveals that there was an extraordinary meeting at the weekend at which Richard Murray was present when Katrien Meire asked two senior players who were there whether Fraeye was good enough to continue. This does seem to be a rather odd way of running a football club.

Fraeye, to his credit, said that the club needed to appoint a manager with British experience.

Everitt insists that there must be no let up in attempts to get rid of Duchatelet and Meire.


MrLemon_CAFC said...

KM to the senior players: "Is Karel good enough?"
Players: "Fraeyed not".

Les Abbey said...

Good luck to Riga. 18 month contract, I hope he managed to screw them for a decent salary as well.

Daniel Clark said...

If all else fails, we can at least take comfort in international notoriety:

Unknown said...

kelvin mckenzie said he be at the protest sat week keep an eye out people