Thursday 14 January 2016

Welcome back, Jose Riga (official)

Jose Riga has been reappointed as head coach at Charlton: Riga

Whilst most fans would prefer a British manager with Championship experience, this was never going to happen under the present regime, so this is the least bad outcome.

The Charlton owner Roland Duchâtelet told the club website: 'This has been a disappointing season for everyone connected with Charlton and the board take responsibility for that. Some things, like an unprecedented number of injuries, we could not have foreseen. But we have also made errors in recruitment, mistakes we have immediately tried to address in January.'

'It was also crucial we dealt with the position of the head coach. José did an excellent job in his short period with Charlton two seasons ago. He was very popular with supporters and I believe that he will get us back on track. There are 20 matches of the season still to play and it’s vital that we battle for every point.'

Riga has not yet caught Eurostar and it is expected that Jason Euell and Wim de Corte will remain in charge for Saturday's game at Hull.

Tony Watt's move to Cardiff will be completed today. The deal is worth around £2m.

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aging covered ender said...

M.Duchatelet's bitch is back. If Jose was not good enough having 'saved' the club from relegation why is he good enough now? Or does he only work when relegation threatens? It would be good if M. Duchatelet could outline his strategy for the club's future (though not via his increasingly beleaguered mouthpiece) as at the moment his much vaunted image as an ace businessman is looking more than illusory. It could be that the old fear of reducing the club to it's remaining value of real estate is looming in the background. No, surely not.