Wednesday 13 January 2016

Welcome, Nebojsa Vignjevic

Charlton, I salute you.

It is being reported that the 'little known' Serbian is to become the next ringmaster at the circus known as Charlton Athletic. His recommendation is that he is a network man from Upjest, so we can expect some goulash: New coach

Something rather uncomplimentary has been put on his Wikipedia page, but before going to Upjest he managed Hadjuk Kula, Rad and Vojvodina. These are not brands of vodka, but football teams. As a player, he scored 11 goals for Edmonton Kickers in Canada's indoor league.

You can see him taking the ice bucket challenge here, but he will need more than a bucket of cold water at Charlton: Ice bucket

The news has not gone down well with fans, one tweeting that it is a 'declaration of war' by the owner. 'Nebojsa Vignjevic's Red Army' will not come easily off the tongue.

The well-informed Richard Cawley of SLP has said that 'sadly' he cannot deny the story.

If he doesn't work out, we still have the German and Spanish clubs in the network to draw managers from.

Various fan groups have now come together to form a Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet (CARD): CARD

Greenwich MP Matt Pennycook has asked for a meeting with Katrien Meire to discuss the crisis at the club: MP intervenes


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weloveyoucharlton said...

What the$^£%^$*&%^*^)&_)(*

Unknown said...

With apologies to Marie Antoinette I can imagine KM saying "as for 'the customers' let them eat cake !"

Wyn Grant said...

Or waffles?

AlanFromParis said...

Or even Belgian chocolates

Graham Speller said...

Oh no he's not. The pantomime continues.