Sunday 10 January 2016

Welcome back, Jose Riga

It is looking increasingly likely that Jose Riga will be brought back to sort out the mess at Charlton with interim coach Karel Fraeye under enormous pressure: Riga return?

Of the managers appointed by the Belgians, Riga was the most professional and successful. Of course, many fans would prefer a British manager with Championship experience, but that isn't going to happen.

It looks as if Peter Varney's attempt to bring new investment into the club is dead in the water: Varney statement


Unknown said...

If Jose Riga does return I shall be more optimistic about CAFC than I've been for a while. However, if he does come back and manages to keep us up (again) I hope he is not kicked out at the end of the season, as he was before.

Les Abbey said...

I don't want to join the Belgium bashing especially that of Katrien Meire, who I think possibly was accepting that supporters were not customers in her widely derided interview. There is problem a problem though. If Jose Riga is coming back then surely someone has to carry the can for the three manager appointments since he was let go previously. Will the owner admit that the mistake was down to him? It seems like that isn't his usual way of doing things. Will Katrien Meire hold her hand her hand up and accept the blame?

Kentish Man said...

Jose Riga would be a very welcome appointment. If he could just persuade Saint Jude - patron saint of lost causes - on to the coaching team, I think we would be home and dry.

Unknown said...

riga has turned it down