Wednesday 29 January 2020

Cawley clears up Pogba story

Although he is taking a couple of days leave, the SLP's Richard Cawley has taken the trouble to clear up the nonsense that has been talked about Florentin Pogba: 'Not back working today but just a little Florentin Pogba update. Told that never Charlton's intention to sign him and that offer of a couple of days of training was a favour.'

Doom and gloom merchants will be out in force today after Charlton fell to 21st in the table following last night's results which included wins for Huddersfield, Luton and Wigan. Pessimists never seem to factor in points deductions.

While Derby County and Sheffield Wednesday may be able to forestall points deductions in the courts, it is difficult to see Birmingham City escaping a substantial points deduction.

Meanwhile, I would place my faith in Steve Gallen and Lee Bowyer to make any loan or other signings that offer good value, something that is very difficult in the January transfer window. There is no point in signing players who can't make a contribution.

It always amuses me when there is talk of football of 'investing' in players. When I make an investment, I expect a capital or income return, or ideally both. Given that I invest in start ups, I sometimes lose my money, but that is a calculated risk and in any case often be offset against my tax bill.

Football players often fail to deliver, end up on the treatment table (especially at Charlton), and are then sold at a loss. The problem was made worse under Roland by giving players long contracts at inflated wages.

At least the club is now run by people who have some idea about football and engage with the fans. I never expected them to splash the cash, especially now.

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