Saturday 25 January 2020

It's 25 years since that kung fu kick

It is 25 years since Eric Cantona directed a kung fu kick at an innocent Palace fan who, according to him, had run to the front to shout 'Off! Off! Off! It's an early bath for you, Cantona.' Other versions of what was said are available. The media has had a bit of a field day over it, but here is the view from Manchester: Eric Cantona

The Palace fan, Matthew Simmons, installed double glazing and lived in the road where my wife had grown up. Ever since, Palace have been referred to as the 'Glaziers'.

Simmons was later sentenced at Croydon Magistrates Court, receiving a £500 fine for using threatening behaviour and a year-long stadium ban – upon receiving the verdict he lunged at the prosecution lawyer, which led to him being sentenced to seven days in prison for contempt of court.

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