Monday 13 January 2020

The tale of the red, red Robin

Ben Hayes, in association with the museum, takes a look at Charlton's association with the red, red robin: When did it first come bobbing along?

A recent online poll showed that about two-thirds of fans preferred it as the music to accompany the teams coming on the pitch to Valley Floyd Road (which is a less bouncy tune).

However, the article has a more general theme than the song. When I first started supporting Charlton they were called 'the Robins', a name also appropriated by other teams, not least Swindon with their 'Rocking Robin'. The replacement name, the Valiants, was also used by Port Fail: some media reports still use it.

Many years ago I talked to an elderly lady who went to Charlton matches in the 1920s with her father. She said that they were then called the 'Addicks' as a corruption of 'Haddocks'.

BTW, can the new owners bring back Harvey and Floyd as mascots?

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