Thursday 2 January 2020

Takeover complete

The takeover of Charlton Athletic by East Street Investments is now complete: Takeover

Presumably it still awaits approval from the EFL: there is no statement on the EFL website, but one would expect it to happen soon.

Chairman Matt Southall stated: 'most important is strengthening our links with both the fans and the Charlton community so they may understand our short-term and long-term plans for the club and how we intend to build on the amazing support and goodwill already shown to ESI.'

Matt Wright commented: 'Just one day short of six years since Duchatelet took control of Charlton. How long will it take to undo the damage caused? It's a good job Lee Bowyer has already made a miraculous start...'

No statement has yet been issued by VOTV editor Rick Everitt, but he has denied suggestions that no ownership would ever be acceptable to him, but has also stated that the fanzine will continue to state 'inconvenient truths'. Everitt has urged an early meeting between the new owners and former chief executive Peter Varney.

The Ramsgate-based fan has subsequently tweeted: 'Finally! It took fans seven years and 2.5 months to get back to The Valley and almost six years to get rid of Roland Duchatelet. The former turned into a great opportunity for Charlton and hopefully the latter will too. But that was definitely my last Charlton campaign, regardless!

He will no doubt be able to focus on his duties of leader of a minority administration on Thanet District Council. He has attracted considerable criticism, but it is my view that he has always had the interests of Charlton in his heart. I don't necessarily agree with him on all aspects of objectives, strategy and tactics, but I have no doubt that his heart is in the right place (SE7).

As for Roland, in the manner of Arthur Askey, I thank yew.

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