Wednesday 8 January 2020

Matt Southall interview

I don't have much to add to the excellent blog post by the Chicago Addick on this topic: Frist impressions. Professional moaners may take a few days to get their critique together. They may try to focus on any departure by Lyle Taylor as a Kermorgant moment.

However, good player though he is, Taylor has exasperated me and many other fans with his antics. Of course, he is entitled to try and get a better job: fans sometimes expect loyalty from players, yet would take a better job offer themselves. Even so, I am not happy about some of his social media commentary.

It is clear that the new owners are going to take a sustainable, long-term approach. In the difficult January transfer window they have to be wary of sellers trying to inflate prices. However, I am sure that enough will be done to ensure that we finish at least 21st (remember also that Birmingham City are set for a substantial points deduction).

I do think fans need to allow the board time to get to work, but, as always with Charlton fans, there is a tendency to pessimism and panic, aided by the latest fake news story.

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