Wednesday 8 January 2020

East Street Investments now at home at The Valley

It takes a little time (usually about five days) for new filings to appear on the Companies House website but a full set is now available for East Street Investments: Filing history.

Of symbolic significance is the fact that the registered office was changed on 2nd January from Manchester to The Valley.

More than 50 per cent but less than 75 per cent of the shares are in the hands of Panorama Magic General Contracting LLC. Governed under the laws of Abu Dhabi, its registered office (actually a post box) is at Emirates Islamic Building at 133 Oud Al Touba Street.

Director (His Excellency) Tahnoon al Nasirat is listed as a person of Syrian nationality.

At last Charlton has entered the 21st century world of globalised football.

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