Thursday 16 July 2009

Braying rights

Santiago, Chile: I was talking to someone at dinner here last night who used to be a primary school teacher in Bray and she told me it was a 'rough old place'. I went to the game there in 1997, I believe this was the last time Curbs played.

Being many thousands of miles away perhaps insulates me from the mood of doom and gloom which seems to have enveloped most Charlton fans. Of course, it is irritating that the takeover talks have dragged on interminably, placing severe restrictions on what the board can say in public. And it's difficult to adjust to being a League 1 club. But we might actually win some home games this year.


vff said...

Similar things were said when we went down to the champs from premeriship. It would be unwise to take anything for granted. The club and team will have to work extremely hard to maintain ourselves in league one. vff

Hilltothevalley said...

Agree with vff. the team is not really taking shape yet, three players still out of contract, one of whom is key - Fortune - simply replacing players with third division players. Currently looks like we'll be a middling club and will havbe to endure the taunts of the spanners, who seem to have got their act together.

Wyn Grant said...

In the first season in the Championship we ended up mid-table and that is what I am expecting this season.