Wednesday 8 July 2009

Takeover should be complete in two weeks

The takeover of Charlton by the consortium led by Peter Varney should be complete in two weeks: Varney

Should the takeover occur, it is uncertain whether Phil Parkinson will continue as manager.

Richard Murray has told the South London Press: that Charlton’s major shareholders are ready to lose £30million of their own money to push through a takeover of the club. The Addicks chairman has ploughed £7.5million into the club during his 20 years at The Valley but is prepared to not get a penny back providing the right buyers can be found.

Matt Holland has told the Colchester Evening Gazette that he is training with Colchester as his deal with Charlton cannot be settled until the takeover is complete.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Zheng Zhi has left the club as he did not want to play in the third flight.

I am off to Chile tomorrow so I may miss all the excitement. I have decided to keep the Addick's Championship Diary format for the next season on the basis that we are aiming to be Champions of League 1. I know this is a faint hope, but the real reason is I am so busy this summer with work related travel, so much so that I can't take a holiday, that I really can't spare the time for a re-design.


colin in Thailand said...

I bet all those people that have been made redundant in the last year are feeling for your predicament Wyn.

VFF said...

I feel sympathy for all those made redundant, but that ain't wyn's doing. It is not if he is complaining about the cost of canpaes or about having to cut down on the vintage champagne (or City Bonus).

Keep up the good work with the blog. Good luck to you. VFF

vff said...

Quick question.

All the newspaper reports of the 'takeover' (guardian, telegaraph, standard) suggest that we are 40 million in debt. I thought that we were about 20 - 22 million in debt. Of this 16 million is owed to the current directors and 6 million in mortgage payments to the ground.

Where does this figure of 40 million come from?

Wyn Grant said...

I think it's a case of you shouldn't believe everything you read in the papers - or think of a figure and double it.

vff said...

All the papers seem to have cut and pasted (Telegraph, Guardian, Evening Lite etc) the same source. I guess it is the holiday season and the journos have packing to sort out.

I largely expect a negative spin on charlton performances / events from the guardian (which I find very premiership top heavy) but was surprised to read it in the Telegraph, who usually give us fair reporting and hearing.

I was a bit surprised on all the forums and blogs that not one person commented it on it.

I guess a hazy grasp of facts and figures from the sport pages, does not come as a big surprise.