Monday 27 July 2009

Cash boost for Addicks

Charlton may receive a substantial sum if Michael Turner leaves Hull for Spurs, reports Pravda: Turner

Many Addicks regretted his initial departure, but at least there is some consolation in getting a share of the spoils. We should make sure that we have good sell on clauses for Bailey and Shelvey.

There are some indications that there may be white smoke from The Valley this week about the future of the club.


DC said...

I find it difficult to believe we still have sell on rights for Turner. But, if we have, then Mills may not have been quite the liability he seemed.


Anonymous said...

Don't know why people can blame Mills or call him a liability. He was there to negotiate contracts and work with the board and manager, not choose the players, decide how much they are worth etc. Dowie wanted the player, the board let him have money to spend on those players. Mills isn't to blame for signings like Faye, Traore and Pouso, Dowie was.

Finkle said...

Does anyone know if we will get any cash from the Bent sale?