Sunday 26 July 2009

Global domination

Toronto: This was the sign hoisted aloft after Columbus Crew beat Toronto FC 3-2 with an injury time goal in the Major Soccer League last night. This seemed a bit excessive evn though it gave Crew an unbeaten home record and hoisted them to the top of the standings in the Eastern Conference.

There was a fair amount of skill on display but not a lot of pace, perhaps not surprising given that some 39-year old veterans whom I dimly remembered from the UK were on display. Toronto were 2-1 ahead when I switched on and then hit the post with a shot from a difficult angle. Crew then went down the other end and equalised and later scored their winner was a beautifully worked goal.

Once Crew drew level the atmosphere was good, although I didn't like the stage behind one goal which was occupied some of the time by cheerleaders.

I then switched to the Canadian Soccer League. The match between Italian Shooters and North York Astros appeared to be being played in a park with no spectators, indeed it was called Parc Downside/Downside Park. This time a 43-year old veteran was on displahy.

Apparently the CSL incorporates an international league with Croat, Portuguese and Serbian teams as well ns the Italian Shooters who scored four times in a 4-1 win. The match was followed by in depth anaysis by two guys sheltering under an umbrella (the weather here is awful).

Back home the imminent departure of Jon Fortune to Sheffield United and the 2-0 defeat of a youthful side at Barnet has provoked more wallowing in gloom. I still think we will have enough to secure a mid-table position with a possible challenge for the fringes of the play offs and that is all we can reasonably expect and hope for.


Anonymous said...

A mid table finish and being on the edge of the players is currently pretty optimistic in my books.

If we lose 2 of quality midfielders, I think we are a hop and skip from relegation in the current situation.


Wyn Grant said...

All this pessimism will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Anonymous said...

Once the takeover happens then optimism will replace pessimism.

Addick afar.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the team last year, I predicted 16 and we were bottom by a mile.

My assessment is from the master tactician Parkinson as manager, no goalscorers, 1 defender and some pretty ordinary signings.

The takeover needs to come quickly.