Monday 27 July 2009

Gills hope to seal Dickson deal

Gillingham have made a final offer for Chris Dickson, amount unknown, and are confident of sealing the deal. I don't think Dickson has ever found the transition from non-league easy. Of course, he has hadn't that many chances, although an injury just when it looked as if he might break into the first team did not help.

This does not leave much of a strike force at The Valley. Burton I regard as a Lisbie without the talent. What I mean by this is that Lisbie did sometimes score memorable goals, but kept missing sitters. You won't get the memorable goals with Burton, but you will get misses in front of an open goal.

I have never been that convinced by McLeod, but perhaps he has found his level at last. Otherwise we are left with the unknown quantity, Stuart Fleetwood.


Kings Hill Addick said...

And rather like Lisbie he as scored a hat-trick - although no disrespect to Norwich but it's not quite Liverpool.

I think Burton will have to be a regular next season. In the Third Division he could even score a lot of goals.

Unknown said...

It is looking like a fire sale. T the rate we are going there will be nothing left for the new owners to buy!

Anonymous said...

I know we are all getting terribly depressed , I must say I found the article from the blogger about us all threatening a Waco style mass suicide at the first home game as a protest quite amusing .
Anyway, of course they aren't going to let Dickson go without a replacement . He is our number 1 striker now , for heaven's sake . I think you are all letting your depression get the better of you !!!

Anonymous said...

SLP confirms that both bids of Dickson and Fleetwood were far too low. Can't see Gillingham or Exeter being able to afford much more, and we're not going to sell either for only £50-100k.

Dennis said...

I saw Fleetwood play for Exeter at Brentford a few months ago. He ran around a lot to no great effect, a few teapot poses when teammates didn't do what he wanted, and got the crowd on his back by habitually arriving for a semi-challenge half a second after the ball had left the vicinity. On the plus side he scored well enough when one on one with the keeper. At the time I thought he was at the right level - top half of the fourth division.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid that expectations are so low and I have lost interest like so many. A board that cannot communicate, a Chief Executive more interested in Community Schemes than running a football club, a manager without endorsement from either the Board or fans and the few scraps of decent players left e,g Shelvey & Bailey likely to depart before the season starts. It could be a long season.