Wednesday 1 July 2009

Magazine features Charlton rejects

The latest edition of 4-4-2 has a feature on Academy players that don't make the cut with a substantial emphasis on Charlton.

Taylor Sinfield, described as a 'versatile defender', is presented as 'a victim of Charlton's perilous financial situation. "They signed me as a kid, I got four years, signed on the pitch [a fairly regular ceremony], things were looking good. But I didn't grow. And with their finances, they couldn't take a risk.'"

Goalkeeper Callum Christie's problem was his size. '"I'm a small goalie", he sighs. They said that if I was 6'2 they would have offered me a pro contract. But I'm only 5'10."'

Sinfield was asked 'Did other Charlton apprentices find rejection more difficult? "Yeah, one of them goes out with my sister [a judo star]. He took it hard, because he's been there all his life, and he loves the club so much he keeps going back, because he thinks it's gonna change. But it's not."'

At least we have kept our Academy. And when times were better, a lot of players were still let go.


Unknown said...

In the end neither of them were or are likely to be good enough.

Good luck to them but from what I've seen of Christie he's nothing special. Not seen Sinfield, but if he was good enough he'd have been ahead of Mambo and the like.

This isn't really much to do with our finances, it's the way football works and happens at every club.

Even the ones that get pro deals won't all make it into the first team.

Who were the other Charlton players mentioned?

Wyn Grant said...

Only Christie's brother who has fallen out of football and now has a plastering firm.