Wednesday 22 July 2009

Last gasp winner at Crawley

It was the unlikely figure of Izale McLeod who pulled off a last gasp winner for Charlton as they defeated Crawley 2-1 last night. The official site must know something I don't as they commented, 'The Reds had looked set for a point in West Sussex.' I didn't think we were playing in the Conference yet.

You will find quite a full report here: Crawley


Anonymous said...

We were hardly in the game for the second half having dominated the first period and there were a few meaty challenges with Izale very involved with his short time on the field.
We looked very good in the first half although the back three, Fortune, Llera and Elliott need to communicate much better.
I thought Richardson looked good (but where is Moutaouakil)
Burton (our prolific non scoring striker) missed two sitters.
Both teams played at a fast pace and this strong Addicks side were put under the cosh by a Physical Crawley in the second half.
As for their (I like cash) manager Evans his abuse of officials is legendary.
The team needs to gel pretty damn quick or ...........

Finkle said...

It's funny that the website keeps suggesting that we must sign up for Valley Gold to get a ticket for the Hartlepool game. Do they really think that over 900 are going to make the trip?!

Anonymous said...

Struggling against Crawley?
Weren't we in the Premier League two years ago?
Oh, how far, and how sad, this fall has been.
Charlton are in deep doo-doo if the takeover doesn't go through.