Monday, 20 July 2009

Gray on his way

It looks as if Andy Gray has been granted his wish to return 'oop north with a £600,000 deal being agreed with Barnsley. This represents a considerable loss on what we paid for him and he has not delivered much value while he was with us. However, the imperative was to get his substantial wages off the books. It has been suggested that we are helping the Tykes with his wages, but I have no confirmation of this. In any event, they are likely to be smaller than what he was getting at The Valley.

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Anonymous said...

As they say the mark of a man is the manner of his leaving. If reported comments about Gray continuing to draw a salary from Charlton after his leaving and his being "desperate" to leave are true then he should be thoroughly ashamed of himself after the support which the club gave him last year through family illness and his injury.

All leaves a very bitter taste in the mouth I'm afraid - but certainly not the type of person the club needs if it is to recover.