Thursday, 1 October 2009

Don't panic is message at Leeds

With six senior players out for Saturday's match against Charlton, 'Don't panic!' is the message coming from Leeds: Leeds

Our local Leeds supporter (who hails from Guernsey) says that they are nervous about the match which they regard as the toughest test this season against the other side likely to secure automatic promotion.

It's interesting to contrast the negativity among many Charlton fans about the team compared with the respect in which they are held elsewhere.


Trevor said...

You can't blame us for the panic after the last few seasons. We have had a poor performance against Exeter followed by a heavy defeat, hardly good preparation to play @ Elland Road!

I believe Parkinson to be the best possible manager and it is an excellent test to see if he can turn our loss of form around

Anonymous said...

I agree with Trevor that Parky is doing a good job and is the right man for the job. To be wary of a slump in form is not a dig at the good job he's done to date but our form over the last few games has appeared to dip a little.

I've never been keen on Llera to say the least, whereas Sodje looked the part even in the Championship, so I hope he gets a run now. The midfield is strong but Shelvey appears to need a rest for at least one week. He just hasn't quite looked the same player as he was last year. Semedo has been badly missed, for me, he's been our standout performer this year and brings out the best in players around him.

Upfront there is a concern as well. Burton has played exceptionally well this year and his ability on the ball can't be questioned. He is the best man to lead the line when playing one upfront. Hopefully McLeod's confidence will improve off the back of his goal and he'll provide another option. My fear is that aside from Sam (McLeod, who invariably doesn't start and the absent Dickson) our team lacks pace.

I'm surprised that more teams haven't taken advantage of this better by pushing their defences very high up the pitch and forcing the game to be played in the Charlton half. In terms of individual talent we are very good for this division but the squad is threadbare and we've been lucky with injuries to date.

I reiterate that Parky clearly is the man for the job. This isn't a gripe, it's just a few issues that I feel Charlton should be wary of. There's no point having our heads in the cloud just because things are going well. Long may they, but the above would be potential areas for concern going forward this season.

Wyn Grant said...

Tuna has pace, hopefully he will get a try out in the paint drying cup.