Thursday, 15 October 2009

Parky accused of ref rage

Phil Parkinson's comments about the failure of the referee to deal with Oldham's time wasting last Saturday have caused a bit of a stir oop north: Ref Rage

All seems pretty mild compared with Sir Alex down the road.

Congratulations to Christian Dailly on making the Coca Cola League 1 Team of the Week. You often don't notice what he is doing, but that is because he does it effectively and competently.

Turmoil continues at Leamington after the shock car park sacking of Jason Cadden. 10th in a new league hardly seems like a bad position. Morton Titterton and Paul Eden are also leaving and over 80 per cent of fans disapprove of the decision in an online poll. However, the board insist that they have received a number of good applications for the vacant position.

I suppose if Dennis Wise can go to Chalfont St. Peter, Iain Dowie can go to Leamington.

Brakes have the boost of a home draw against Birmingham City in the Birmingham Senior Cup.

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