Thursday, 22 October 2009

Needle match

A Gillingham view on why the so-called 'Kent Derby' is a needle match, trying to make something out of the 'invasion' of Gillingham territory by the Rickshaw (there are probably more Arsenal fans in Kent than Gills) and the Chris Dickson affair:

From a Charlton perspective, Gillingham are not Millwall and they are not Palace.

Coming next: are Charlton a threat to Dover Athletic's support base?

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sm said...

Scally's comments criticising Charlton's community involvement schemes really are quite disgraceful - Charlton are not stopping Gillingham FC doing anything in this direction whatsover. Kent is plenty big enough for the Gills to expand on their current efforts if they want to e.g. at present the Gills only offer kids football schools at two locations. I suspect his real concern is that Charlton put his own club's efforts to shame.

The real disgrace in football is that only club has been nominated for the main Business in the Community award in recent years - and it isn't the Gills.

Perhaps if Scally wishes to offer us advice on how to run football clubs we might decide to offer him some advice on how to run businesses in return?