Thursday, 8 October 2009

Oldham hope for all three points

In form Oldham Athletic think that they might be able to secure all three points at The Valley on Saturday. This local newspaper story has as its headline 'Go out and enjoy it' which is usually code for 'We haven't a hope, so give it your best shot' but it isn't actually justified by the content of the story: Lactics

The article mentions that it wasn't a million years ago when Charlton when in the Premiership, but it seems that is a million years since the Lactics graced the top flight. Oldham is one of those towns which has the football life sucked out of it by the proximity of the two big Manchester clubs.

I don't know much about Oldham, but its MP was once Duff Cooper who was a kind of 1930s version of Alan Clarke. Cooper thought that one of the good things about Oldham was that when visiting his constituency he could stay at the Midland Hotel in Manchester which, somewhat to his surprise, had good food and a decent wine cellar.
Cooper had little interest in 'manufactures', which was somewhat unfortunate as Oldham was then a cotton town, but he did find the mill girls quite agreeable.

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