Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Rickshaw proprietor Rick Everitt will have the unusual experience of Saturday of a shorter ride to the match from his home in the Isle of Thanet. Gillingham have been somewhat resentful of the network of Valley Express services that Charlton has created.

However, the most likely destination for Addicks leaving the two boroughs is Kent. This has been a constant challenge for Warwickshire Addicks who have been seeking to commandeer one of Racing Club Warwick's 'Racing to Get You There' minibuses. However, messages and E mails I have received indicate that the Jockeys are in turmoil and their buses can no longer be seen in affluent Warwickshire villages engaged in a vain search for the socially excluded.

Most Gills supporters are in the meaner, chavtastic streets of the Medway Towns, although they have to cope with a large branch of the Spanners supporters club in Maidstone prison. Nevertheless, Gills boss Paul Scally would like to relocate the club, although presumably not to Dubai where he lives.

Inspector Sands once wrote a spoof of the Gills' response to the Rickshaw which consisted of a battered Ford Escort thundering down the A2. It was almost as good as his spoof of the attempts to launch a Rickshaw service in Boulogne and Dunkirk. Unfortunately, he does not index his best posts unlike the New York Addick. The projected closure of the latter's blog after his pending move to beechy Bucks is a major blow to the Charlton blogosphere.

When one thinks of Paul Scally, one is glad that one has the likes of Richard Murray in charge at The Valley. The ex-Spanner is certainly a colourful character and although this piece is dated it still has some relevant information: Scally

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