Monday, 5 October 2009

Three for the paint drying trophy

We have to play six regular team members against Barnet tomorrow, giving us scope to give some players who do not normally get a chance. Here are three nominations:

1. Darren Randolph. Being reserve goalkeeper is a lonely role and it is difficult to remain sharp in the absence of competitive matches (I don't really count reserve friendlies). I have no wish to drop Elliot, even though he has a few aspects of his game he needs to work on, but Randolph needs to be in a position where he could take over if he had to.

2. Tamer Tuna. Tuna has great pace and this would be an opportunity to show whether he could use it.

3. Luke Holden (possibly from the bench). I don't know how he has been shaping up in training, but this would be an ideal opportunity to see what he can offer.


Anonymous said...

Could be a chance for Basey to stake a claim, and for Wagstaff to start also considering that there is every chance we may need to utilise these players more if we pick up injuries.

Anonymous said...

It would be good for Randolph to play but with a match on Saturday, I would rather we played Elliot and rested as many outfield players as possible. Would like to exit this competition as soon as possible.