Friday, 9 October 2009

Sub-Standard stumped

The poor old Sub-Standard, now to be given out as a free sheet, can't find anything funny to say about Charlton any more: 'Charlton are no fun anymore. Focus found there was no shortage of gags to be had at the Addicks' expense last season, when they were lurching from disaster to disaster with all the grace of a drunk at chucking out time. Now they are resolutely sticking by their manager, winning every week and flying high at the top of League One. Where are the jokes to be found in all that? They will probably go and spank Oldham tomorrow just for good measure. Come on, lads - at the very least you could give us a chance by sacking Phil Parkinson and giving Les Reed another go.'

The hot news from Oldham is that Kelvin Lomax is available for selection after suffering 'dizzy spells' against the Glovers. The mind boggles.

Unfortunately, we will not have a full strength side tomorrow. Semedo will still be out and Spring has been a decent but not equivalent replacement. Unfortunately it looks as if we will also be without live wire Lloyd Sam and Frazer Richardson - who in my view has played a key if understated role.

Like other bloggers, I would bring in Wagstaff for Sam, although he is not the same kind of player. But as Parky has pointed out, he shouldn't worry about doing fancy staff and beating his man, just get some decent crosses in. Sound advice. As for Richardson, I would shift Youga to the right and bring in Basey at left back.

I am less confident than others about this match and see it as a 1-1 draw. At least I can say 'Enjoy the game!' with new meaning now that Peter Varney is back on the board as a non-executive director. Welcome back! (Not that you ever went away)

Don't forget to listen to Radio Scilly's new sports show at 5 p.m. Studio gossip says that Katy Smith of 'I can't wait for the weekend fame' fears that she will be upstaged by her dad who is hosting the new show.

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Anonymous said...

If PP can get the team balance and player pairings right, we may get the 3 points.

Spring and Racon is not a great pairing midfield with llera in defence. If spring is playing, I would like to see bailey come into the middle and racon out left. Bailey adds a bit of bite in the centre that spring lacks. vff