Saturday, 9 April 2011

10 man Brakes beat play-off rivals

Leamington beat play-off rivals Chesham United 3-2 at the New Windmill Ground this afternoon in an incredible match watched by 667.

The first goal for the Brakes came from Sam Bartram style keeper Tony Breeden on 14 minutes. From a free kick by Breeden inside his own half, Chesham keeper Shane Gore carried the ball just over the line. The lino was emphatic that it had crossed the line, but the Chesham players protested vigorously to the young referee and may have influenced his future conduct.

Breeden had to make a couple of good saves, but the Brakes retained their lead at half time.

Half time: Brakes 1, Generals 0

On 49 minutes Leon Archer scored after his penalty had rebounded to make it 1-1. An immediate reply from Brakes was ruled offside.

Breeden saved from a dangerous free kick, but then the referee awarded another penalty and showed the red card to Lee Downes. However, Chesham missed. Not daunted, the referee awarded another penalty and this time the visitors went ahead.

However, the spirit in the team is fantastic and the 10 men kept up the pressure, equalising on 76 minutes through an own goal. Then on 84 minutes Jacob Blyth put the Brakes ahead. Leamington remained the dominant team in the closing phase of the match, despite a considerable amount of time added on.

The final whistle cued wild celebrations by the home side.


Anonymous said...

can you just explain how your keeper scored a goal from indirect free kick if no one else touched the ball ?

Berger said...

The other keeper carried it over his line.

I'm more intrigued by their first goal. The penalty-taker scored after the rebound from the post. Did Tony or anyone else touch it in-between? Otherwise that should have been disallowed.

Amazing game to watch, chuffed to bits to win, but the referee lost the plot, and seemed determined to hand the game to Chesham. The Chesham keeper agreed with us, and actually commiserated with our captain at the injustice of it, after he was sent off for God knows what.

Anonymous said...

Leamington beat play-off rivals Chesham United 3-2