Monday, 25 April 2011

Woolwich rejects in whinge mode

Sometimes it's nice to share someone else's misery and 606 last night was dominated by fans from the Woolwich rejects fulminating about Arsene Wenger. The press have been in full cry after him for some time and even Radio Scilly was on his case this morning.

As Charlton fans we would be happy with a consistent top four finish. Indeed, we would settle for mid-table mediocrity in the Premier League or even a place in the Championship for now. The sense of entitlement to a trophy among Arsenal fans is overwhelming.

Incidentally, one of the callers was 'David from Blackheath'. Was he a legacy of the generations of Arsenal fans in South-East London that hit our attendance in the 1950s or was he a recent immigrant to upscale Blackheath?

By the way, it was interesting to hear Charlton referred to as 'South London gits' on the United docu drama last night.

Elsewhere, Leamington are secure in the play offs regardless of the result in this afternoon's clash with the Glassboys, something of a bogey team for the Brakes. Straws in the wind indicate that my role at Leamington may be enlarging. In any event this blog will continue, although I must stop postponing setting up a third division version.


ChicagoAddick said...

I have been looking for someone to blame for our plight, and after 89 games I think it is you Wyn. Please take the mockers off and change the title of your blog :-)

Confidential Rick said...

Re the United doc 'South London gits'..let's face it Wyn, any CAFC mention these bleak days is worth hearing! Most of the recent press reviews of Scott Parker's success failed to mention his beginnings at Charlton...when did we turn invisible?